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Bowl And Pitcher In Spokane

Bowl and Pitcher in Spokane

The Bowl and Pitcher in Spokane is a unique geological area located within Riverside State Park. It’s one of the more interesting shorelines in the state with two accessible beaches on the west side of the river.

A short drive from downtown Spokane, the park runs on both sides of the Spokane River and is also accessible via bicycling along the Centennial Trail.

Bowl and Pitcher geological features
Beach Access

To access the beaches, follow signs to the wooden suspension bridge. Cross the river, then look for trails on the right (west side) leading to the first beach. It’s not big but an opportunity to get a close-up view of the river.

The second beach is accessible around the large rock aligning the first beach. Go back up the trail, then look for a rocky trail leading to the water again. You might get distracted by the epic views and rock scrambling opportunities.

Loop Trail

A 2.1 mile loop trail surrounds the park and is popular with walkers and runners. Leashed dogs are welcome.

Mini grotto at Bowl and Pitcher Spokane
Seasons at Bowl and Pitcher

We’ve visited the park in winter and summer. The winter visit was snow free but super cold along the river. Runners were keeping warm cruising by. Otherwise the park was empty, a great time for an escape from summer crowds.

Summer was busy but not overwhelming. Bring water to drink as it gets hot amongst the rock formations and open sun.

River levels will vary throughout the year being high in the Spring and low in later summer. The beaches may not have as much access during high water. Instead enjoy the river from the suspension bridge.


Parking – Being a WA State Park, Discover Passes are required. The park does have pay stations for day passes.

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