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Sea Stack Along Highway 112

Sea Stack Along Highway 112

On the very Northwest corner of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula along the Strait of Juan de Fuca are a stretch of beautiful often passed over wilderness beaches and a sea stack along Highway 112.

Travel the curvy and scenic Highway 112 about 11 miles west of the popular fishing town, Sekiu to see this section of coastline.

NW Corner Washington State

Each align the highway and are easily missed as most drivers are focused on not missing the hair-pin curves above the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Speeds get surprisingly high along this stretch as it’s the only outlet for Neah Bay residents. Some commute to jobs in Clallam Bay and beyond.

Some beaches have pull-outs for parking and occasionally RV’s can be seen spending the night alongside the highway. Most of the beaches are owned by the (DNR) Department of Natural Resources. None have any facilities.


The sea stack along Highway 112 and it’s beach is eleven miles past Sekiu and is a sizable pull-out after a straight-a-way section and just before the road rises up and curves around a steep bend. If headed west, the sea stack can be spotted below rise on you right (waterside). Be cautious as you’ll be curving right as you’re looking left! If you miss it, find a safe turn-a-round.

Sea stack 11m west of Sekiu on
Hwy 112
Use Boots or Shoes that Support your Ankles

When you find the beach, the sea stack is to the left of the entry about 200 yards. Bring ankle high hiking boots as the beach is littered with lots of small boulders that sit on a reef. Some rocks or sections of reef may be slippery.

Boulder strewn but marine life rich beach east of the sea stack.
Aim for Lower Tides

Lower tides are best to visit the sea stack as water will surround it at high tide. Use apps like Tide Planner or NOAA Tides. Factor for Sekiu / Clallam Bay and/or Neah Bay for tides. If you don’t have phone reception, which is a possibility, bring along a tide book such as Captain Jacks or the pocket guides by Evergreen Publishing.

See Marine Life

Because the beach is covered in small to largish rocks under and around which you’ll see sea anemones, barnacles, rock weed, limpets and chitons.

I spotted a decaying sea lion between the sea stack and the road last Summer. Use this link to contact if you spot any stranded or dead sea mammals.

Lodging on Highway 112

I recommend two lodging options along this curvy section of Highway 112. The Chito Beach Resort is about 8 miles past Sekiu. The resort has it’s own sea stack and six cottages. Closer to Neah Bay, check out Bullman Beach Inn, a popular option for paddlers for it’s easy access to Sail Rock, a huge sea stack a bit further west of the resort.

Or head to Neah Bay, 18.8 miles from Sekiu for a few more lodging, food and supply options. Hobuck Beach Resort has beachfront cabins, RV hook-ups and tons of camping.

*Get a Receation Permit when entering Neah Bay to access beaches.

Gas Stations

You’ll find fuel for your car at Clallam Bay just before Sekiu, at the station next to the Chitco Beach Resort and at Neah Bay, at the end of the road.

WA Beach Packing Guide

Check out my beach packing guide for WA beach walk tips.

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